Sunday, June 10, 2012

Subluxation? What?

As you can read in the post below, our entire body has a master control system that controls 10 trillion cells in our body.  Our brain communicates with those 10 trillion cells through the spinal cord then to the nerves that exit our spinal column then to each cell.  Our brain is protected by our skull and our spinal cord is protected by 24 movable bones (our spinal column).  What other organ system is completely protected by bones?  That's right, NONE!  Do you know why?  Because our brain and spinal cord are the most important system in our bodies!

What can sometimes happen due to many different things in life (which I will post about later), those 24 movable bones in our spinal cord can move in a direction that puts pressure on the nerve that exits the spinal column.  This pressure causes the nerve to not be function at 100%.  We all know that 100% functioning is better than 80% functioning or 70% or 60%, right?  So if a nerve that controls your heart is only function at 80%, is that less functioning than 100%?  Any repairs or functions that they heart must do will only be done at 80%, instead of 100%

When this bone moves out of place and creates an interference (pressure on the nerve) to the body and this is what chiropractors call a SUBLUXATION.  Chiropractors are the only profession to detect and adjust subluxations.  Chiropractors go through extensive schooling to know where the subluxation is located.  Once it is located the chiropractor will put a light force and move the bone, which is called an adjustment.

So recap.  What is a subluxation?  It is an interference that is not allowing your brain to connect with the rest of your body that is located in your spine.  Subluxation interferes with your body to operate at 100%.

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