Sunday, February 24, 2013

Autistic Child and Chiropractic

When most people think of chiropractic, we think of neck pain, back pain and headaches, right?  As I am finishing up my degree I am interning at an amazing office and I have been traveling to different offices to prepare myself to open up and help change the world one spine at a time.

While on one of my visits I saw a seven year old autistic child being adjusted.  Her mom was telling me of the wonderful results that chiropractic was giving her child.  The mom was in tears of joy and excitement while telling me.  She was explaining to me that her child whom had been constipated since she was 4 months old was not going to the bathroom on a regular basis for 2 months.  They had tried ever drug and medical intervention but nothing had helped.. chiropractic did!  The child was also reaching milestones, which they didn't know she would reach.  To be able to give this to a child and also to the family is helping to change the world, one spine at a time.