Sunday, June 10, 2012

How smart our bodies are from they day you were concieved

This is an overview of chiropractic.  Over time I will post more in depth.  I want to lay a little foundation before we start building!

Every human being in this world started off by a sperm and an egg.  They started to divide into many different cells.  These cells soon formed the nervous system, which was the first organ system in the body to be formed and from there the nervous system controlled the formation of the rest of your organ systems, your heart, lungs, digestive system, ovaries/testies (depending on your sex! :) ). No one was in your mom's uterus telling you what to form, how to form or when to do this.  It all happened by your mom's intellegence and your own intellegence through the control of your nervous system.  No one had part in the development of you.

As soon as your born the reliant that your body knows how to function on its own, is over.  You are given vitamin k because they don't think you are able to clot your own blood, they give you vaccines because they think your body is not smart enough to fight off what it needs... there are many things that are added to a newborn due to the mistrust of the newborns own body.  Maybe if we came out talking and saying "hey guys I am perfect in everyway I don't need this stuff injected into me" this would stop these things being added to a newborn.

From birth until death we are bombarded with information and advertisements that are bodies are not smart enough to heal or to function on its own.  For example we are told that if we have a fever, its a terrible thing.  However, a fever has a purpose.  Each one of our bodies gets a fever to elevate our body temperature because there is a foreign invader that our OWN body wants to get rid of!  How neat is that!?  When I get a fever I know for a fact I didn't say "Ut oh I think I have a foreign invader in me, I better raise my body temperature."  No way!  My immune system told my brain, "we have something going on here, tell the other systems to attack and raise my temperature."  Again, the nervous system is in control.

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