Monday, February 24, 2014

From The Top Down

"The nervous system controls and coordinates ALL organs and structures of the human body. - Gray's Anatomy, Do you think your nerve system is important for your body to be healthy?? YES!!!! Your spines main function is to protect the spinal cord. If there is a subluxation (a misalignment in your spine) there is decreased function and thus decrease healing and decreased function. Do you think if you have a subluxation, are you able to process all those healthy foods your eating at 100%? Or are you able to work out at your optimum if your nerve system isn't functioning at 100%? Our job as a chiropractor is to find and remove the sublxation(s) in your spine to allow YOUR body to function and heal at its optimum potential! Have a wonderful day!!

From The Top Down

Chiropractic understands that the body heals from the inside out, and from the top down.

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