Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Your Nervous System

We started off as two half cells, a sperm and an egg.  The two half cells become one cell.  From there we started to divide into cells and the first organ system was the nervous system.  Our nervous system was in control to make the rest of the body.  It told our cells to make a heart, a liver, lungs, arms, etc.

While in the womb, no one was telling us that we needed this vaccine, or needed this drug, our bodies were functioning without interference from the outside world.  As soon as were born, the outside in approach begins (you need this vaccine, this drug).

We were created from the beginning of the two cells coming together with everything that we needed.  Our brain and spinal cord have amazing healing powers.  When there is a interference from the brain to the rest of the body, the body is unable to heal at 100%.

If you remember an interference to the nervous system by a bone moving out of alignment due to stresses in your life is called a SUBLUXATION.

Subluxations decrease your ability to function at 100%.

What can you do about subluxations?  Go to a principled chiropractor and get checked!  Need help finding one, contact me and I'll be sure to find you are great chiropractor!

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