Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What causes a subluxation?

Now that you know what a subluxation is, what causes them?

There are many things in life that can cause subluxations.  Our bodies were not made for sitting long hours at a desk in a hunched over position or sitting hours in a car/truck or being stressed for hours and hours on end.  In the chiropractic world we say subluxations are caused by the three T's.  What are those three T's?  They are TRAUMAS, THOUGHTS and TOXINS. So lets break it down.

TRAUMAs: I am sure you can help me with this
*Birth - Birth is very traumatic on an infant and especially more in the modern days.  Babies have to come through a small area in order to make their way into the world.  Yes, every baby should be checked (there will be later posts on this).
*Learning to walk - How many falls to newly walking babies fall?
*Injuries due to sports
*Car accidents

*Stress which can come in many forms; day to day stress of the husseling around, work, family, marital, bills, student loans, debt.

Stress causes us to be in a state of fight or flight/fear.  We have two different systems (within the nervous system) that control our bodies.  I will not go too indepth here.  The two are: Parasympathetic and sympathetic.  Parasmpathetic is called rest and digest or feed and breed.  This is a state where you body is truly relaxed.  For example, when we are in a true parasympathetic state our digestive organs are recieving a great percentage of the blood.  This allows our body to digest the food, to absorb the food properly within our gut and then use the broken down food to create human tissue.  In a sympathetic state (fight or flight) our body has decreased blood flow to certain organs and constricts vessels in different areas.  Our bodies completely change their physiological state.  Muscles tense, blood pressure increases, inablitity to sleep, decreased immunity are just a few things that happen.  All this can cause a subluxation to occur, again putting pressure on the nerve and allowing the nervous system to not function at its optimal potential.

*Food and Drinks
*Bad quality of water
*Many more

This all being said I am not telling you to stop taking your medications (because sometimes they are absolutely necessary), stop eating, quit your job and move to a deserted island.  The above are all examples of what can cause a subluxation and honestly to be able to avoid all the above things is pretty tough.  This question arises so many times to chirorpactors: Your not one of those chiropractors that makes me come in for the rest of life or a chiropractor that I have to see once a week, right?

If you truly understand what subluxations are and what causes them, I am confident you know the answer to that question.  If not stay tuned.

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